The collective guardians of the Ipipiri (Bay of Islands) have an ambitious goal to restore the ancient ecological balance to the Eastern Bays delivered in part by being pest free by 2050. Currently there are efforts by local community groups, volunteers and DoC, which independently make inroads to this vision, but collectively needed to come together to drive change and direct resources in the right places to make the biggest difference. Leading the way for guardians of the land elsewhere in New Zealand.

I designed this logo Te tangi o te ata. The bird depicted is a Kokako, a highly threatened species endemic to New Zealand and found in the North Island. The body and head of the kokako represent the mainland and the 7 koru shapes represent the 7 islands.

“It was very easy to work with Emma! She was able to work with us until the colours and design were just right. Through her design skills she was able encapsulated the essence of our work in our new logo”. Richard, General Manager, Project Island Song.

Te tangi o te ata

Logo Design